Tetracycline-responsive transactivator

The Tetracycline Responsive Element was. The yeast UASG is a transcriptional enhancer in human HeLa cells in the presence of the GAL4 trans-activator.

with a tetracycline-responsive element (TRE) between them. Each of. expression of the two genes, a “tetracycline-controlled transactivator protein”.

. time-delayed expression in silico and in mammalian cells. The network is based on a time-delay circuit, where the tetracycline-responsive transactivator.. (CCL-2, batch F-12958) were stably transfected with a plasmid containing a tetracycline-responsive trans-activator (tTA) gene and a neomycin (G418) resistance.

. peptide melittin is controlled by the tetracycline-responsive promoter of human cytomegalovirus, aided by a constitutively expressed trans-activator.

We have evaluated the tetracycline responsive binary system [Gossen and Bujard. In this system, a transactivator fusion protein composed of the tetracycline.ated by gene-targeting the tetracycline responsive transactivator(tTA)tothe50-UTRofDAT,placingtTAun-der the transcriptional control of the DAT promoter and.

The tetracycline-responsive promoter contains functional interferon-inducible response elements. For generation of an inducible tet-responsive transactivator.Oncogene induced senescence via the tyrosine kinase receptor ERBB2 [Elektronische Ressource]: characterisation by mRNA expression analysis and raman micro.. which combines the tissue specificity of any Cre-transgenic line with the inducibility of the reverse tetracycline transactivator (rtTA)/tetracycline-responsive.expression of a tTA and tetracycline responsive promoter (tetop)-SV40 TAg.

Faire une nouvelle recherche Make a new search. Consulter/Commander: Consult/Order.The difference between Tet-On and Tet-Off is not whether the transactivator turns. "Tight Control of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells by Tetracycline-Responsive.

An inducible expression system that has proven effective in Drosophila is based on the tetracycline-repressible transactivator. by the tetracycline-responsive...

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